TAGAAN Arnis - Method and Techniques

TARGET REGIONS (Opponent’s Perspective)

Target Zones are numbered according to vulnerability to attack.

Tagaan Arnis is concentrated in these six zones and basically maintains six primary strikes. However, in order to cover the three regions, practitioners perform twelve strikes.

DOCENG HATAW (Twelve Strikes)
DOCENG SANGGA (Twelve Blocks) are designed to block and counter the twelve strikes.

PATTERNS (Forms or “Anyo”)

TAGAAN Arnis has several patterns designed according to practitioner’s level of adaptability and advancement. The basic pattern is a combination of "Doceng Hataw and Doceng Sangga" and side foot movements on an H-shaped pattern.

TAGAAN Arnis is a combative style. GM Marc has successfully exposed the patterns of TAGAAN Arnis in many sports competitive tournaments, and it consistently garners top awards in every tournament the practitioners showed their skills. GM Marc is now gearing up to expose his art to sparring competitions.

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